Welcome to Bend Bella Cyclists

  • Do you like to mountain or road bike?
  • Are you looking for companionship on your rides?
  • Do you want to learn new things about cycling?
  • Do you want to have fun?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We are a group of women in Bend, Oregon who share the love of cycling.

During the riding season (April through October), we have weekly rides, both mid-week and weekend.  Our mid-week and weekend rides, both mountain and road, occur on various days. The website will have the ride details, including ability level. Always check the calendar for current ride date, time and meeting location.

 Ability Level (both road and MTN bike rides):

Beginner: little to no experience (road and MTN)

Advanced Beginner: gaining experience with longer distances (road) with some elevation gain and single-track trails with minimally technical terrain (MTN) such as small rocks and/or tree roots.

Intermediate: able to ride moderate distances (road) with increased elevation gain and loss, and over moderately technical terrain (MTN) including uphill climbs, downhill descents, and some switchbacks.

Advanced:  able to ride longer distances (road) with more significant elevation gain and loss, and over more technical terrain (MTN) that will include larger and/or more frequent trail obstacles, tighter turns and greater ascents and descents.

ALL of our rides are ‘no-drop’ rides and the Bellas are committed to helping one another improve our riding skills.  In consideration of other riders, however, we do ask that you choose an ability level that is close to your skills.  If you are building a particular skill, please let the ride leader know.

Non-members are welcome on their first ride without a membership but must sign a waiver and give it to the ride leader before the ride. Please note that this privilege may only be used once – you must become a member before attending your second Bella ride.

Current membership, or signed waiver form (for non-members) and a helmet are required to join our rides. All Bella members are encouraged to suggest a ride, either road or mountain.  As a ride “leader”, you need only be willing to organize the ride, including starting place and time, and know the route or trail.

During the winter months (November through April) there are no scheduled weekly rides. We do, however, have regular club meetings and organize x-country skiing, snowshoeing, pot-luck dinners, slideshows, lectures and other activities.

Ride Coordinators

  • Wish the Bella’s would offer more rides and more options? Perhaps on weekends, evenings, or a time that would better suit your schedule?  It’s fun and easy to coordinate a ride! Instead of riding solo, put your ride on the calendar and see who shows up to join you. It’s a great way to get out on your bike plus meet other riders.
  • If you’d like some help, ask someone to co-coordinate your ride. If your ride breaks into a faster and more moderate group, your co-coordinator can lead part of the group if you agree to meet up later in the ride. A co-coordinator is also great if you’re new to the area and feel unsure of the routes.
  • Or, offer a Bella’s N Fella’s ride. Your fella can coordinate part of the ride, letting you ride at the pace you prefer. Let him buy you lunch after.
    Co-leader and Fella’s rides are a great way to offer a ride that appeals to more than one level: whether it’s beginner/intermediate or intermediate/advanced.
  • Destination rides are another fun way to organize a ride. Start and end at your favorite bakery or brew pub, for example.
  • Whatever level you choose to ride, chances are great that someone else will want to join you. You’ll be helping to add to our great list of Bella rides, making our club even better than ever.
  • Want help getting started? Contact our Ride Coordinator, Shannon Bergstedt at She can help you map out rides and/or suggest routes of your preferred length and level of difficulty.