Event: Strong Intermediate MTN Bike Ride: CL Welcome St-TTR-COD-StormKing-PineDrops-Phil’s-ELV-COD


When: Thursday, October 5th. Be ready to roll at 11:00 AM sharp.

Where: Meet at the Cascade Lakes Welcome Station,18500 Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, Bend (map)

Ride Details:  We will ride the new Ticket to Ride trail up to COD, climb up STORM KING, descend either PINE-DROPS or LOWER WHOOPS, catch PHIL’S to the chicken round about, get on ELV back to the visitor center. Yeah, there are some technical sections, you can always walk them with me!! The best I can tell, the ride is around 16 miles.

You can see details of the ride here:  (be advised: Ticket to Ride is drawn in as there was no RWGPS data on the trail).  The ride is approximately 17.6 miles and an elevation gain/loss of 1400 feet.

This is a strong intermediate ride due to both the distance and the speed. This is NOT A HAMMERFEST, but we will be riding at a steady pace with only brief stops due to not wanting to get cold after breaking a sweat from the climbing.

**YES, it may be chilly at the beginning! Please bring plenty of layers and bring plenty of food and water incase we have a delay due to a mechanical,etc.**

This ride will be cancelled if too muddy for trail riding, but not necessarily if forecasted rain since showers are so scattered. Bring rain gear! You gotta love fall riding, YEAH BABY !!!

All riders have an obligation to the ride coordinator to let her know if they are leaving the ride. Bella rides are “no drop” rides. No one will get left behind unless they choose to cut a ride short, want to go faster than the group or take a different route. When you leave the group, you are on your own.

For more information: contact Michele Farneth at 541-678-3263 or email

***Be sure to bring your signed waivers if you are not a Bella’s member. Non-members are welcome on their first ride without a membership but must sign this waiver and give it to the ride leader before the ride. Please note that this privilege may only be used once – you must become a member before attending your second Bella ride. You can download a waiver here. BBC Membership Waiver 2017