Event: Intermediate MTN Bike Ride: Lower Mrazek


For more information/details: Contact Susanita Hicks at(202) 413-2693 or

When: Thursday, May 3rd

Ride Details: Let’s ride Lower Mrazek! If you haven’t ridden this trail yet, it is a must do! This ride will be about 14 miles, with elevation gain of about 1300 ft. See linked route for elevation profile and detail ( Note: There’s some up/down on this trail, so cumulative elevation gain will be an additional few hundred feet above the 1300.

We’ll keep a moderate pace, but since it is an out-and-back ride with no intersections there are opportunities to go slower or faster depending on how you feel that day without getting lost! We will regroup periodically just to make sure everyone is okay. I’ve added a bit of extra time for this event for driving out to the trail intersection.

Up to mile 4.5 is fairly gradual with very little technical challenge. After mile 4.5 the grade increases a bit, and there are 1-2 places with rocks/logs that are easily walked if you choose. Riders who are chilling out that day can ride out to about mile 4.5, take a snack, and then head back when the faster riders come down to meet them. Faster riders will turn around at the 7 mile mark and head back down to meet those taking a more leisurely pace. Either way, don’t be intimidated – This singletrack nirvana is worth getting out to enjoy!

This is a solid intermediate ride, primarily due to elevation gain. There are only 1-2 rocky obstacle sections that can easily be walked. Riders should be comfortable changing from easy to moderate technical terrain and short steep uphill climbs and downhill descents with minor obstacles.

Bella rides are ‘no-drop’ rides and we are committed to helping one another improve our riding skills. In consideration of other riders, however, we do ask that you choose an ability level that is close to your skills. No one will get left behind unless they choose to cut a ride short, want to go faster than the group or take a different route. All riders have an obligation to the ride coordinator to let her know if they are leaving the ride. Remember that when you leave the group, you are on your own.

***Be sure to bring your signed waivers if you are not a Bella’s member. Non-members are welcome on their first ride without a membership but must sign this waiver and give it to the ride leader before the ride. Please note that this privilege may only be used once – you must become a member before attending your second Bella ride. You can download a waiver here. BBC Membership Waiver 2018