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Intermediate ROAD Bike Ride: McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway – Bellas and Fellas – Bend Bella Cyclists

Event: Intermediate ROAD Bike Ride: McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway – Bellas and Fellas


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When: Wednesday, May 24th at 10:00

Where: Meet at the Village Green City Park in Sisters (map) by the restrooms. We will leave promptly at 10:00.

Ride Details: This ride is a Bellas and Fellas ride on the McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway.

This ride is a challenging and steady climb going up to Dee Wright Observatory on McKenzie Pass Highway OR-242 and back to the park. We will ride from the start and through the quaint town of Sisters; then begin the climb up the pass. We will turn around and start back down after a short break to enjoy the view from the Dee Wright Observatory. The observatory is built out of lava rock; it gives spectacular 360 degree views of peaks, with special windows built to frame the peaks. It’s worth the stop.

You can see details of the ride here:  This ride is 30 miles with 2400 feet of elevation gain/loss.

We will regroup as needed, and all riders will climb at their own pace, regrouping at the top before making the descent back to town. We will ride with a comfortable speed of 14-16 mph. This 30 mile ride has 2,200 feet of climbing, but it’s all downhill on the way back. There are some steeper technical descents coming back from the summit, so riders must be confident in their braking and cornering skills.

This ride is for intermediate/advanced riders due to length and elevations. The rider should be able to ride moderate distances with increased elevation gain and loss. All riders have an obligation to the ride coordinator to let her know if they are leaving the ride. Bella rides are “no drop” rides. No one will get left behind unless they choose to cut a ride short, want to go faster than the group or take a different route. When you leave the group, you are on your own. If you don’t know the ride route or trail, print a copy of the map or cue sheet that is linked on every ride announcement.

For more information, contact Catherine with questions. 541-280-1586 or

***Be sure to bring your signed waivers if you are not a Bella’s member. Non-members are welcome on their first ride without a membership but must sign a waiver and give it to the ride leader before the ride. Please note that this privilege may only be used once – you must become a member before attending your second Bella ride.(This rule does NOT apply to Fellas.) You can download a waiver here.   BBC Waiver 2017 ****Fellas must bring a signed waiver to the ride.