Event: Bowen Sports Performance power-based indoor cycling clinic


Bowen Sports Performance power-based indoor cycling clinic

Your Bend Bella club is pleased to bring you the ability to hone your road riding skills with 10-week Bowen Sports Performance power-based indoor cycling clinics.

The top-notch coaches at Bowen will identify your individual FTP (functional threshold power), and then develop a progressive program to increase your power. Your threshold power sets the benchmark for measuring your improvement throughout the clinic. You will see actual data on how you have improved from week to week. You will learn how to use your cadence, gearing and power to not only kill the hills but also how to finish strong. You will emerge in the spring a better, stronger cyclist. This is not “spinning” but a scientific workout based on watts that you produce by riding your own bicycle on Bowen’s Wahoo Kickr bike trainer.

Due to the popularity of these sessions last year, we are planning to offer 10-week sessions. You will have the option of signing up for EITHER the Tuesday class OR the Saturday class, but not both.

***ALL sign-ups will go through Moe at DO NOT sign up for these sessions at Bowen Sports Performance.

Session II is open ONLY to current Bellas registered for the 2018 season.
· The Tuesday class will run from January 9 – March 13. Each 90-minute class will run from 9:30 to 11:00 am.

· The cost will be $120 for the entire clinic.

· You need to bring your own bike, which you can leave at Bowen until the clinic concludes (at a cost of $25/month).